Kinder Math




During the course of their kindergarten experience, through comprehensive practice and review, students will quantify numbers 1-20; order, compare, and sequence numbers; learn to read numbers in word form; and count objects and verbally. Students will learn to use the world around them to study shapes, measurement (height, weight, length, and capacity), match and sort a variety of objects based on attributes, and identify patterns. With a grounding in the concrete, students move to more abstract representations of and interactions with number using ten frames and number bonds, eventually solving and creating addition and subtraction sentences and even skip counting to 100.

Chapter 1: Numbers to 5

Chapter 2: Writing Numbers to 5

Chapter 3: Numbers to 10

Chapter 4: Shapes/Shape Patterns/Positions

Chapter 5: Compare Numbers to 10

Chapter 6: Ways to Make and Break Numbers to 10

Chapter 7: Numbers to 20

Chapter 8: Measurement

Chapter 9: Addition

Chapter 10: Subtraction

Chapter 11: Addition and Subtraction

Chapter 12: Numbers to 100

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