Arizona Eligibility Requirements


State Requirements

State residency: Applicant and applicant’s main guardian must be residents of the state of Arizona.


State Requirements

Present for in In-Person State Testing:  All 2nd – 8th grade students must participate in state-required in-person testing which occurs in the spring. Families living outside of the Phoenix areas will have venue options available to them within a 75-mile radius.


GH Online Specific requirements

  • Access to high speed internet
  • A helpful adult at home to support student learning
  • A laptop or desktop computer with a built-in or external web camera.
    • For families who do not have access to a laptop, meet the Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) income parameters and complete the FRL form, a laptop will be provided.

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The Classical Approach

Setting New Standards

Great Hearts Online students are performing significantly above the national average for their grade at this time of year, and that GHO students are learning and growing at similar rates as their brick-and-mortar Great Hearts peers. We attribute this success to the engaging teachers, committed families, and hard work of our scholars.