AZ – Live School Model

Teacher-Led Live Instruction

Best for: Families who value instructional time by a dedicated teacher, live interactive discussions, classroom engagement, and a more traditional classroom experience. 

Instruction: Teacher-led, live virtual classes Monday through Thursday with consistent faculty and classmates

Independent Assignments: Asynchronous assignments following live classes to be submitted by their due dates. Fridays are fully asynchronous.

Attendance Reporting: Parents/guardians must record the student activity log daily and submit the report on Fridays of each week.

Requirements: State Testing is mandatory.

Tuition: 100% tuition-free.

Important Notes for “Live Instruction” Scholars
  • All scholars are required to participate in state-mandated virtual and in-person testing.
  • Teacher work hours are Monday – Friday, 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM. 
  • Highly trained, passionate teachers provide feedback and grading on assignments and academic progress.
  • All K-2 scholars will participate in live virtual reading groups. 
  • All scholars will have access to live tutoring, office hours, and special education/exceptional student support services as needed. 
  • All scholars are welcome to participate in virtual extra-curriculars (if space permits), athletics, and meetups for the online academy. 
  • All scholars have access to the recorded video when classes are missed.