Texas FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility requirements for Great Hearts Online?

Texas: Applicants and students must reside in the State of Texas. Texas Senate Bill 15 provides public funding for a limited number of eligible students across the state, and eligibility requirements are set by the State. Click here to view eligibility requirements for Great Hearts Online – Texas.

What is the enrollment process?

As space is available, offers are made. An offer does not guarantee enrollment or registration in a Great Hearts Online academy. Once an offer is accepted by a parent/guardian, the parent/guardian then provides documentation to determine eligibility. If a student is eligible and when appropriate background documents are submitted, the student is enrolled/registered in Great Hearts Online. Click here for a more detailed description of the enrollment process. For any questions during the enrollment process, email info@greatheartsonline.org.

What will my student(s) need to be successful with Great Hearts Online?

A few critical things must be in place to set students up for success:

Productive Workspace: A distraction-free, quiet workspace where students can hear their teachers, answer questions and focus on independent work. Ideally, students should be able to sit in front of a blank wall and have their computer video on.

Hardware & Electricity: A computer with a power-outlet nearby so students can work without interruption for the day.

Supportive Grown Up: An available adult to support their learning and technology needs.
Internet: Strong internet connections capable of supporting sustained video conferencing.
Age-Appropriate Academic Habits: Ability to focus on computer-based work for 30-45 minutes at a time.

Scholar Engagement and Participation: Consistent class attendance and turning in work on time at a high quality of care and academic ability.

Asking for Help: Seeking teacher assistance to complete work and understand assignments with virtue and growing mastery

What are the uniform requirements?

A uniform is an indicator of our unity and of our pride of purpose. It identifies its wearer as part of a distinctive group with a distinctive purpose. At GHO, the student only needs to wear the required top. Kinder – 8th grade scholars wear a light blue or white polo. High School scholars (9th and 10th grade) wear a white oxford. Both can be purchased from any retail store or uniform store. Our academy sells an iron-on patch that can be applied to the left chest area, or you may purchase a Great Hearts branded polo or oxford from Dennis Uniform.

What is the necessary technology?

Families are responsible for providing their own laptop and access to high-speed internet, and we recommend headphones depending on the student’s environment. Families are also responsible for Scholar Supplies, Classical to Keep (literature books), and Student Success Kits that are sold through the academy. 

Click HERE to view technology requirements.

What if my family is unable to afford a computer, uniforms, or other items needed to attend Great Hearts Online?

For families who have a financial need, GH Online will work to provide supplies and materials for the duration of the academic year.

Will my scholar and I be supported in using the technology and tools to attend Great Hearts Online?

Yes! GH Online will provide technology support in accessing class through Canvas (our Learning Management Systems) and joining live classes for parents as well as thoughtfully designing onboarding courses for parents. Students will be taught how to use the technology and tools during class.

What grade levels do you serve?

Great Hearts Online serves students in grades K-10th in both Arizona and Texas. 11th grade will be added for the 2025 – 2026 school year and then 12th grade by 2026-2027. We will operate as a complete K-12 online school by Fall of 2026.

What are the state testing expectations?

Great Hearts Online Texas is a public charter school thus complies with standardized testing. Your scholar will be expected to test in person for the STAAR test.

If my child enrolls in Great Hearts Online, what happens to their seat at their existing Great Hearts Academy?

Great Hearts Online – Arizona and Great Hearts Online- Texas are stand-alone academies. Your student’s enrollment in GH Online will mean they unenroll from their existing brick and mortar Great Hearts academy.

How many scholars are in a class?

In K-2, there are approximately 15 scholars per section. In 3rd grade and up, there are approximately 25 scholars in a section. Class sections may hold +-3 students depending on grade level, section needs, and school growth. We’ve designed a schedule and staffed our academy to intentionally create small class sizes and close-knit communities.

What are the transfer policies between great hearts online and a great hearts brick-and-mortar academy?

If a student transfers to Great Hearts Online from a Great Hearts brick-and-mortar academy, that student loses her/his seat at the brick-and-mortar academy. The same is true for a student transferring from Great Hearts Online to a Great Hearts brick-and-mortar academy. Students who have attended a Great Hearts academy (online or brick-and-mortar) for one year may use a transfer priority. While a transfer priority does not guarantee enrollment at the school of choice, it does prioritize the student on the waitlist.

What kind of exceptional student services (ESS) will be provided and how will they be delivered?

As with all Great Hearts schools, we support the needs of our students. We have a strong Special Education team, provide services as indicated in the IEPs, serve students with 504 plans and our English Language learners. It is our goal to provide this robust Liberal Arts education to all who come, and we want to help our scholars grow, by providing the support they need.

What do future years look like at Great Hearts Online?

Great Hearts Online is focused on building and sustaining a best-in-class K-12 online academy. At the same time, we are investing in the design of a top tier classical high school that includes college credit courses enabling scholar to graduate with both a high school diploma and associate’s degree.

Is Great Hearts Online a temporary distance learning option for existing great hearts brick-and-mortar students?

Great Hearts Online is a full-time, standalone academy under the Great Hearts Academies network. Great Hearts brick-and-mortar students who need to quarantine, remain home due to an illness for an extended period of time, or take a leave of absence will be supported by their home academy. Great Hearts Online should not be seen as a temporary school as you do have to withdraw from your current school in order to attend.

Is there a cost or related fees to attend great hearts online?

Great Hearts Online is a tuition-free, public charter school. Parents/guardians are responsible for purchasing books and supplies for their students, as well as supplying uniforms and the necessary technology.

Are there community engagement or in-person events my scholar can participate in?

Great Hearts Online has a Community Engagement Coordinator on staff that organizes and fosters human connection. The academy offers athletic field day, virtual clubs, and field trips. Parents are also encouraged to organize events within their communities for GHO scholars. 

What is expected of my as a parent or guardian to the scholar?

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What is the attendance policy?

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