Texas Eligibility Requirements

In addition to the applicant and applicant's primary parent/guardian maintaining Texas state residency, all 2022-2023 applicants must meet the following criteria to be enrolled in Great Hearts Online - Texas.

Prior Year (2021-2022) Requirements

Per Texas Senate Bill 15, students who learned remotely for the majority of the 2021-2022 school year must have:
  • Fewer than 10% unexcused absences in total for all instructional methods offered, i.e., on-campus, remote synchronous and remote asynchronous;
  • Earned a C or higher for all foundational curriculum courses under TEC, §28.002, (i.e., mathematics, science, English language arts and reading, and social studies) taken virtually or remotely; and
  • Achieved satisfactory performance or higher on each STAAR assessment (for STAAR-testing grades, 3rd – 8th).  
    • Texas public school students that did not take STAAR will have received zeroes on exams and thus not be enrolled in Great Hearts Online.
    • Students who learned remotely through a private school or out-of-state public school will need to take and pass MAP tests to be considered eligible. 

Application Year (2022-2023) Requirements

  • Maintain a C or higher in all foundational courses; 
  • Pass all STAAR exams (grades 3-8);
  • Maintain fewer than ten (10) unexcused absences while enrolled in remote instruction over a 6-month period; and
  • Participate in In-Person State Testing:  All 2nd – 8th grade students must participate in state-required in-person testing which occurs in the spring. Families living outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio metropolitan areas will have venue options available to them within a 75-mile radius.

This applies to all Great Hearts Online students as they are learning remotely.


GH Online Specific requirements

  • Access to high speed internet
  • A helpful adult at home to support student learning
  • A laptop or desktop computer with a built-in or external web camera.
    • For families who do not have access to a laptop, meet the Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) income parameters and complete the FRL form, a laptop will be provided.
Note: 2023-2024 applicants may need to meet the same requirements as 2022-2023 applicants.

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The Classical Approach

Setting New Standards

Great Hearts Online students are performing significantly above the national average for their grade at this time of year, and that GHO students are learning and growing at similar rates as their brick-and-mortar Great Hearts peers. We attribute this success to the engaging teachers, committed families, and hard work of our scholars.