Upper School

Great Hearts Online Texas continues the Great Hearts commitment to shaping the intellectual and moral virtue of students in the modern age. We also recognize the growing, competitive landscape students are facing as they mature into young adults. This is why Great Hearts Online is proud to announce high school now offers college credit courses.

Two paths of higher achievement are available: a Traditional High School path ~OR~ a College Credit path. Both are college preparatory tracks; however, the College Credit path offers transferrable course credits and the opportunity to graduate with both an associate’s degree and a high school diploma!

Now enrolling 9th and 10th grade students in Texas. APPLY NOW.

Freshmen Year Plan

    Kinder - 8th grade
    Choose Live or Flex
    Curriculum and Schedules

    Endless Possibilities

    Great Hearts Online has partnered with three higher education institutions to provide college credit courses. These institutions include Western Texas College, Austin Community College, and Arizona State University. Our virtual format allows for a unique opportunity to enrich our students with an advanced classical education that also includes college credit, saving families time and money. View our latest Informational Session to learn more.

    The Classical Approach

    Transcends Boundaries

    Approximately 44% of Great Hearts graduates go on to pursue STEM majors in college. Classical education and STEM are complimentary disciplines. Not only does the Great Hearts classical curriculum challenge students with advanced biology, chemistry, physics, and math, but many of our graduates also say the skills learned from breaking down complex literature texts helped them better understand college-level science and tech textbooks. Our students are equipped to tackle technical ideas analytically and express them more clearly to others.