Educational Savings Accounts

Educational Savings Accounts or ESAs establish a publicly funded, government-authorized savings account for families with a child or children in grades K-12 in specific states. ESAs may be used to pay for various educational purposes including online academic programs like Great Hearts Online’s Flex Program, therapies for students with special needs, textbooks or other instructional materials. 

Great Hearts Online’s Flex Program is ESA-approved in Arizona, Utah, and New Hampshire. Click below to learn more about your state’s offering and details on how to apply. 

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I’m not sure where to start. Please reach out to me to better understand how ESA funding works and how I can apply in my state.

    Parent Testimonials

    What led us to Great Hearts, specifically, was my children’s academic needs. I have 3 children that are dyslexic. As a mom, seeing them get the service they need is amazing. They have excelled. Great Hearts Online gives you everything you need and then some.

    Kristin Banyon
    Great Hearts Online Family

    Great Hearts Online has been revolutionary for my family. We had always wanted to homeschool but felt overwhelmed by the idea of carrying the load alone. This program is the perfect blend of rigorous and rich education combined with the nurturing environment of at home learning. We love GHO!

    Erica McQuown
    Great Hearts Online Family

    The educational community is phenomenal. Our kids’ teachers connected with our children and motivated them toward academic excellence in a way that we as parents could not. Our children also enjoyed the daily camaraderie of the online classroom experience. Simply put, our family thrives because we became part of a like-minded educational community not otherwise available in our town.

    Jonathon Hornok
    Great Hearts Online Family