As a prior homeschool mom, I know the joy and the overwhelm of having your students home every day with you. Young children tend to be boisterous and disorderly. They require constant attention, direction, and oversight. As kids mature, they become less noisy and more withdrawn. They are less motivated to get their tasks done, whether that be chores or schoolwork. Here are some tips for those days and weeks when you feel overwhelmed or burned out with students at home. 

  1. Allow for variety in your day. Give yourself and your students a break from routine. Plan a fun afternoon adventure. Surprise your kids by going to the park, getting ice cream, hanging out with other homeschool/virtual students, catching a movie matinee, or having a picnic. Changing the routine for a day helps families find enjoyment and see the benefits of virtual learning and family time together.
  2. Connect in an online community. Find a group through social media and connect with it for support, encouragement, and friendship.
  3. Make outside time part of your daily routine. Get outside every day. Whether it is a morning walk before school starts or recess after lunch, prioritize the need for fresh air and movement. 
  4. Take care of yourself. Model good self-care for your children. Eat healthy foods, exercise, and rest when needed. Read for pleasure or find some other hobby that is stress relieving. Encourage your children to do the same. Set out to connect in person with others regularly. Join a social club, sports team, homeschool community, or church group. Being home can be isolating. Include activities with others to energize yourself and your students and to help build community. 

Take care of yourself.