ELA – Kindergarten – 2nd Semester


Foundational language skills through five key components:

  1. Phonics
  2. Spelling & Penmanship
  3. Reading & Literature
  4. Grammar & Composition
  5. Poetry & Sayings
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This course product is for the 2nd Semester. Please make sure you also purchase 1st Semester for full year of study.

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3 courses in 1!
Phonics, Spelling, Penmanship

Spalding uses a multi-sensory approach to train scholars in spelling, phonemic awareness,
and handwriting. Spalding empowers scholars to become fluent and thoughtful readers.

Reading and Literature; Poetry and Sayings

 The Classical Literature and Poetry of the Western Tradition serve as a foundation to the
Great Hearts program across all grades. The authors of these classics teach us how to question and think deeply
about the world around us. Click here to view the Kindergarten Classics to Keep Literature List: [insert link]

Grammer and Composition

Writing with Ease utilizes familiar stories to teach writing fundamentals for grammar and composition.
In Kindergarten, scholars will be introduced to basic parts of a sentence such as adjectives, verbs,
and pronouns and will begin writing complete sentences.