School Options in AZ

Teacher-Led Live Instruction

Best for: Families who value interactive instructional time, live discussions and classroom engagement, and/or want a more traditional classroom experience, virtually 

Instruction: Teacher-led, live virtual classes Monday through Thursday with consistent faculty and classmates

Independent Assignments: Asynchronous assignments following live classes to be submitted by their due dates. Fridays are fully asynchronous.

Attendance Reporting: Parents/guardians must record the student activity log daily and submit the report on Fridays of each week.

Requirements: State Testing is mandatory.

Tuition: 100% tuition-free.

Best for: Independent scholars and families who value self-paced flexibility over live instruction and can dedicate significant time to supporting their child’s education.

Instruction: Delivered via instructional video courses and self-paced asynchronous assignments. Optional teacher support, feedback, and grading.

Independent Assignments:  Scholars complete assignments sequentially with the flexibility to go at their own pace. Assignments may be turned in for feedback and grading.

Attendance Reporting: Not required.

Requirements: State Testing is NOT mandatory.

Tuition: ESA approved or private pay.

Important Notes for “Live Instruction” Scholars
  • All scholars are required to participate in state-mandated virtual and in-person testing.
  • Teacher work hours are Monday – Friday, 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM. 
  • Highly trained, passionate teachers provide feedback and grading on assignments and academic progress.
  • All K-2 scholars will participate in live virtual reading groups. 
  • All scholars will have access to live tutoring, office hours, and special education/exceptional student support services as needed. 
  • All scholars are welcome to participate in virtual clubs (if space permits), athletics, field trips and community events for the online academy. 
  • All scholars have access to the recorded video when classes are missed.

Which model is best for my student?

We value human connection especially when schooling at home. The Teacher-Led Live Instruction provides a nurturing and consistent environment to form meaningful relationships with teachers and peers.

We also realize each family is different. Some may need more flexibility. Whether your family travels regularly or your child spends their day pursuing a personal passion, the Flex Program is a wonderful alternative.

Teacher-Led Live Instruction

Great for Families Needing Structure

Flex Program

Great for families needing flexibility