Where Homeschool Moms Go To Retire

As a new mother, I had magical thoughts of homeschooling all my children. (Parenting blogs will do this to you.) I imagined quiet mornings of fresh pancakes, flannel pajamas, and starry-eyed children gathered around me like Mary Poppins. Then I gave it a go. It was a reality check, to say the least. The search for the perfect curriculum for three very different children became overwhelming. Cursive handwriting workbooks soon turned into crumpled papers and tears of frustration, the pleas to watch TV became more and more frequent, and my patience was wearing thin. Something had to give. That’s when I turned to online homeschooling. Great Hearts Online provided the structure and balance we desperately needed to keep harmony in the home. The rich, wholesome curriculum is rooted in virtue with lessons tailored to a virtual setting and a great fit for multiple siblings. Here are some of the reasons why it worked for us.

Top 10 reasons families choose online homeschooling.

  1. Flexible Schedule, yes, please!

– Online homeschooling lets the school schedule work around the family. Not the other way around. No more rushing to catch the school bus or stressing about being late. Live virtual classes start at 8AM for the typical scholar and finish before lunchtime, Monday – Thursday. If you choose the Flex Model, then you can start your day whenever it feels right for your crew and turn in the assignments at the end of the quarter.

  1. Pajama Party Learning!

– Except for the required polo top, forget about the school uniform drama and expensive shoes. With online homeschooling, the dress code is business up top and comfy as you want on the bottom. Pajamas and bedhead all day? Absolutely!

  1. Live or Flex

– One size fits all? Nah, not with online homeschooling. You can choose the Live Model with engaging teachers and virtual classmates or the Flex Model where you view videos of the lesson and do the assignments asynchronously with access to the teachers and faculty support. It’s like having a personal tutor for each of your little Einsteins.

  1. Field Trips Galore

– Traditional schools might have a field trip once in a blue moon. But with online homeschooling, the whole world is your classroom. Museums, parks, and historical sites are just a hop, skip, and click away. Great Hearts Online organizes meetups, field trips, and field day that are always optional but a great way to socialize with friends.

  1. Say Goodbye to Bully Blues and Anxiety Attacks

– No more worries about bullies! Your kids can learn without the stress of dealing with meanies. It’s a safer, friendlier environment, and you won’t find any cliques around here! Plus, the asynchronous time allows you to schedule regular appointments to address the needs of each child.

  1. BYO Snack

– Cafeteria food? No, thank you! At home, you get to choose what’s on the menu. Healthy snacks, comfort food, or even a little ice cream break—it’s all up to you. Plus, no more lunch boxes returning home with uneaten food.

  1. Vacation? No Problem!

– Planning a family vacation? No need to stress about missing school days. With online homeschooling, the classroom can be from anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection. Beaches and textbooks, here we come!

  1. Tech-Savvy Kiddos

– In the real world, tech skills matter. Online homeschooling gives your kids a head start on becoming tech-savvy and learning practical skills like slide presentations and video editing. They won’t just know how to use a computer; they’ll practically be coding wizards!

  1. Quality Family Time

– Traditional school can gobble up a big chunk of your day when you take the commute into account and the time spent in the hallways. Online homeschooling is efficient and brings the family closer. More quality time for games, outdoor play, chats, and making memories together.

  1. Superhero Parents to the Rescue

– You become the superhero parent! No need to wonder what your kids are learning; you’re right there with them. Become their cheerleader and teach time management skills through visual calendars or fun sticker charts. Or tailor the curriculum to include additional learning like meal planning or robotics. Families can also weave in a faith component or pursue a full-time passion like ballet. The sky is the limit.

There you have it—online homeschooling in a nutshell, making learning a blast for the whole family! 🚀📚